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Диалог и многообразие в Абхазии

Мар 2015
В течение 2014 года Ассоциация женщин Абхазии совместно с Ресурсы примирения работала над проектом - "Диалог и многообразие. Построение доверия между этническими и религиозными группами".

Memories Without Borders (Armenian version)

Ноя 2012
Memories Without Borders is a unique Turkish-Armenian-Azerbaijani documentary, looking at the impacts of troubled histories on individual lives today. At the meeting point between official history and personal lives the film challenges audiences to ask: what do we choose to remember about others, and what do others choose to remember about us?

Reconciliation, reform and resilience: Positive peace for Lebanon (Accord 24) - Arabic version

Июл 2012
Lebanon’s model of post-war power sharing and liberal economic growth has been widely praised. But it has failed to deliver for most Lebanese. Repeated outbreaks of political violence since the 1989 Taif Peace Agreement, and today fear of spillover from insecurity in Syria, show that a fundamentally different approach is needed to transform negative and precarious stability in Lebanon into positive and resilient peace.