• Position Title: Consultant to support the research, writing and finalisation of a case study report on Women Mediators from Across the Commonwealth (WMC)
  • Location: Flexible, will require attendance on agreed occasions at the Conciliation Resources’ London office or to be able to conduct meetings via skype.
  • Duration: 6 March – 27 March 2020 (exact dates to be determined with the selected consultant)
  • Reporting to: Senior Adviser, Gender and Peacebuilding

Conciliation Resources requires an external consultant to complete the data collection and analysis of an end-line review of the Women Mediators in the Commonwealth (WMC) project. 

Scope of consultancy including objectives, key tasks and outputs

We are seeking an external consultant to analyse qualitative data and produce a report based on approximately 10 – 15 case studies from Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth.  These case studies will be used to highlight the good practices of women in mediation and to increase the visibility of women mediators operating across diverse spaces in communities, regionally and internationally.  

The report will draw of the findings and analysis of reports from four WMC network meetings held in Malaysia (Feb. 2019), Nigeria (Mar. 2019), Australia (Aug. 2019) and the UK (Nov. 2019) and notes from case study interviews with WMC members in which the following questions were asked (2 key questions highlighted in bold):

  • What are the definitions of mediation according to the WMC network?
  • What spaces are WMC members operating in and what are the linkages between these spaces?
  • What were the pathways into mediation for WMC members?
  • Where have women mediators made progress in mediation and what do WMC members see as the value of women in mediation?
  • What are the key barriers/ enablers for women mediators and what works to support women in the different mediation spaces?
  • What are the recommendations for increasing the participation of women in mediation at all levels and for the practical realisation of UNSCR 1325?

(a)    To analyse data findings and produce a 12-page case study report to showcase and highlight where women have made progress in mediation and to increase the visibility of WMC members.
(b)    To advocate to international policy makers on what must be done to ensure women’s meaningful participation in mediation in all spaces including within communities, regionally and globally within international spaces.

Proposed timeline and deliverables are contained within the Terms of Reference. 

Consultancy specifications

  • Strong understanding and experience of women in mediation and global women mediator networks, including the different spaces in which women mediators operate (within community, regional and international spaces). 
  • Ability to analyse qualitative data to produce high-quality, concise and clear written outputs in English, with proven experience of writing case studies and reports for an international policy audience.
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the challenges of women’s meaningful participation in peacebuilding and the development of global advocacy strategies in relation to UNSCR1325 on Women, Peace and Security.
  • Strong understanding of women’s role in leadership and decision-making processes and the various barriers, pathways and entry points to reach such positions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to liaise and converse with people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds from across the 5 Commonwealth regions.
  • Sound understanding of qualitative and participatory research methods and experience of conducting semi-structured interviews online.
  • Experience of employment by and/or engagement with local NGOS, INGOs and
  • government/multilateral departments with a focus on women, peace and security in
  • fragile and conflict affected contexts 
  • Values of trust and confidentiality, along with a commitment to CR’s inclusive peacebuilding approach.
  • A sound understanding of industry safeguarding standards.  The consultant will
  • be required, at all times, to comply with Conciliation Resources safeguarding
  • policy and code of conduct for the duration of the contract.

Application process 

To apply for this consultancy, please submit a proposal, including:

  • short narrative (2-page maximum) detailing your availability and timelines to conduct this work and your suitability for and approach to delivering the consultancy requirements;
  • an estimated budget, including estimated number of days to fulfil the consultancy,
  • a proposed day rate (inclusive of VAT) and any other anticipated reasonable
  • expenses
  • your CV (2 A4 pages maximum)

All proposals should be emailed to the WMC email address with the title ‘WMC research consultancy’
The deadline for receipt of proposals is 09.00 BST (London) on 9th March 2020.  Please note: applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and therefore early application is advised.

Downloads for this post: Terms of Reference