An armed group's journey from war to peace

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We make peace possible

Everyone has a right to live without violent conflict. For 25 years we have been working directly with people impacted by war and violence around the world.

Peacebuilders in action

We’re a group of passionate peacebuilders committed to stopping violent conflict and creating more peaceful societies everywhere. Explore the latest insights from our staff and partners.

Our Impact in 2018

Resolving conflict peacefully takes time, patience, perseverance. Each step brings us closer to a more peaceful world.

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Supported the signing of a peace agreement in Ethiopia.

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Worked with 112 local peace structures to help make peace possible in their communities.

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Helped 5,403 young people become advocates for peace.

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Engaged with 15 different armed groups - a vital step in ending conflict.

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Worked with 31 women's groups to make sure they have a voice in peace processes.