We are proud to have been building peace for over 20 years. We were established in 1994 by Andy Carl and David Lord, supported by a group of advisers and volunteers. 

Our staunch conviction when we were founded – and continuing to this day – was that people living in areas affected by armed conflict should be involved in its resolution. We began our work with just two second-hand computers and donated office space.

We are still committed to working at a human-scale, where the work is made possible by the trust earned. We have grown significantly and now draw on years of experience to provide practical support to hundreds of people living in the midst of conflict.

Our earliest project work began in Fiji, followed by work in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and then the South Caucasus and Uganda. We have since expanded our reach to include work in other countries across East and Central Africa, the Horn of Africa, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa. Early on we also started our publication series Accord. The renown of this series has grown and it is now a common reference point for people working in peacebuilding around the world.

An indispensable source... If Accord did not exist already it would have to be invented!

Johan Galtung