Association of Women of Abkhazia (AZhA)

AZhA has worked to increase women’s involvement in Abkhazia’s social and political life since 1999. Its resource centre in Sukhum/i provides women with reference materials and consultations on themes such as political participation, leadership, small business development, women’s rights and NGO sector support.

AZhA works closely with Conciliation Resources on promoting diversity and inclusion in Abkhazia.

Centre for Humanitarian Programmes (Центр гуманитарных программ - CHP)

CHP is one of our longest standing partners in the Caucasus. When it began in 1994 CHP focused on psychological rehabilitation for war victims. It has since engaged in a range of internal and cross-conflict dialogue processes and for over five years coordinated an International Summer University in Abkhazia in partnership with Conciliation Resources and the Sukhum Media Club. Nowadays it focuses on promoting governance, civic activism, democratic development and political pluralism.

Go Group

Go Group, established as an NGO in Georgia in 2009, promotes wider public debate and awareness of social, economic, cultural and conflict issues in the South Caucasus. Its aims include promoting civic journalism, challenging myths and stereotypes, supporting societies affected by violence to engage with peacebuilding and promoting good governance through better access to information. Go Group's Eyewitness Studio project gives a voice to ordinary people in Georgia by training them to make short documentaries on issues of their choice.

Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict (ISNC)

Based in Tbilisi, ISNC engages in conflict transformation on Georgia’s conflicts. Through its research into the inter-relationship of nationalism and conflict, the ISNC develops recommendations for government and for discussion within Georgian society.

The ISNC is an independent NGO and long-time partner of Conciliation Resources. It leads and coordinates the Synergy IDP network, and is involved in Georgian–Abkhaz and Georgian–Ossetian civil society dialogue processes.

Internews Azerbaijan Public Association

Baku-based Internews Azerbaijan supports the development of professional and independent media in Azerbaijan by providing training, support and material for journalists.

For over a decade, Internews Azerbaijan has worked with Conciliation Resources in the production and dissemination of media products, including a radio series highlighting the problems of displaced people, the Dialogue Through Film project and the Parts of a Circle documentary film, a joint initiative with the Yerevan-based Media Initiatives Center in the framework of the European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Media Initiatives Center (MIC)

Established in 1995, Media Initiatives Center (former Internews Media Support) is a Yerevan-based NGO which specialises in media training, production and advocacy and promotes media literacy. It has produced media content on human rights, conflict, migration, elections, and many other issues for a wide range of target audiences.

MIC’s collaboration with Conciliation Resources has centred on the Dialogue Through Film project and the Parts of a Circle documentary film, a joint initiative with Internews Azerbaijan in the framework of the European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Humanitarian Research Public Union (HRPU)

Since 1997 the NGO and think-tank, The Humanitarian Research Public Opinion, has promoted democratic development and the protection of human rights in Azerbaijan. One of their priorities is to encourage civic activism and the sustainable development of civil society. PUHR provides analysis and facilitates discussions about the Karabakh war. It works with vulnerable and marginalised groups including ex-combatants and displaced persons. 

Conciliation Resources works with PUHR to support a network of organisations from across Azerbaijan dealing with issues of displacement and to implement an outreach programme of the Dialogue Through Film series.

Stepanakert Press Club (SPC)

SPC has for many years been a centre for media freedom in Stepanakert and beyond. It published the popular independent newspaper Demo between 2004–08, and now publishes the analytical journal Analyticon in Armenian and Russian. A key partner in the Dialogue Through Film project, SPC also implements outreach work across Nagorny Karabakh through film screenings and public debates. It is also actively involved in putting together an archive on the Karabakh conflict.

Synergy – IDP Network

The Synergy network consists of over 15 NGOs based in Kutaisi, Potskho-Eteri, Tbilisi, Tskhaltubo and Zugdidi, and working throughout Georgia. It encourages the participation of internally displaced persons in Georgia’s public and political life and aims to promote the peaceful resolution of conflict. Activities include providing direct assistance to and capacity building for IDPs, as well as advocacy on IDP issues with local and national government.