Our programme and policy work focuses on eight regions globally.
We take a further in-depth look at specific conflict contexts through our Accord publication series.

Regions we work in

We work in the Ogaden region in Ethiopia.

We work in the Central African Republic, the Republic of South Sudan and in border areas affected by the Lord's Resistance Army.

We work on the Georgian-Abkhaz and Nagorny Karabakh conflicts.
We work in The Philippines

We work in and around the disputed regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

We work globally to strengthen policies and peacebuilding practice and on a number of projects spanning different contexts and regions.

We work in Fiji and in Papua New Guinea.

Colombia gender workshop

Our main focus in this region is on Colombia, the only country in the Western hemisphere still suffering major internal armed conflict.

We work in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire.