UNSCR 1325 IN EUROPE: 20 case studies of implementation

Jun 2014
UNSCR 1325 IN EUROPE 20 case studies of implementation
This collection of case studies, produced by the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), explores the national implementation of UNSCR 1325 in twenty European states.

Accord - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent (policy brief)

Apr 2014
This 6-page policy brief summarises the findings of Accord 25 - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent. It argues that a legitimacy lens should be applied to peace processes by paying attention to priorities of context, consent and change.

Northern Ireland

Brexiting borderlands: the vulnerabilities of the Irish peace process
Nov 2018


ETA announces its dissolution

On May 2 the Basque organisation ETA publicly announced its dissolution, 50 years after claiming its first victim. During its lifespan the organisation has left a bloody trail of more than 800 killings.

'Civilian disarmament' in the Basque Country: an unprecedented approach

Anaiz Funosas is the founder and president of the civil movement for peace, Bake Bidea – Le Chemin de la Paix (French Basque Country). Since the Aiete Declaration in 2011, she has initiated the main meetings on the peace process in the Basque Country. She is also a member of the Basque Country delegation leading discussions with the French Ministry of Justice on Basque political prisoners.

Overwhelming majority of British public support talking to proscribed terrorists in pursuit of peace

A new survey conducted by Conciliation Resources and the US-based Alliance for Peacebuilding, has found strong backing among Britons for the idea of engaging with armed groups – including those labelled as proscribed terrorist organisations – in order to resolve conflicts around the world.

Northern Ireland – peace, resilience and community activism

A recent study of community activism in Northern Ireland highlights resilience as a key outcome of the contribution of community action during times of both violence and tentative peacebuilding.

Inside Story: Has ETA given up on independence?

After nearly 60 years of conflict, the Basque separatist group ETA has announced its decision to lay down its weapons by April 8. Our Colombia Programme Director Kristian Herbolzheimer has been discussing the role of civil society in disarmament in the Basque Country with Al Jazeera English

Key websites - Accord Reconciliation and peace processes

Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships
Sep 2016

Key websites referenced in the case studies of the Accord Insight 3, Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships 

Further reading - Accord Reconciliation and peace processes

Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships
Sep 2016

A suggested further reading list on reconciliation and dealing with legacies of violence, with sections focusing on the Accord Insight 3's four case study contexts - the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, Colombia, Mindanao (Philippines) and Northern Ireland.