Overwhelming majority of British public support talking to proscribed terrorists in pursuit of peace

A new survey conducted by Conciliation Resources and the US-based Alliance for Peacebuilding, has found strong backing among Britons for the idea of engaging with armed groups – including those labelled as proscribed terrorist organisations – in order to resolve conflicts around the world.

Event in New York on 14 December: Positive peace for Lebanon

Dec 2012
The UN Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action cordially invites you to a brown bag lunch event on: Positive Peace for Lebanon Date: Friday 14 December 2012, 1:00 – 2:30 pm Location: 1 UN Plaza (DC-1), 20th floor Conference Room, New York, United States

Supporting local capacities for handling violent conflict: A role for international NGOs?

Although well-meaning, international non-governmental organisations can do more harm than good. In his article, Andy Carl of Conciliation Resources describes the pitfalls to be avoided.

Why criminalise dialogue with terrorists?

Jul 2010
Mediators currently risk 15 years in a US prison for engaging with 'terrorist' groups for peacebuilding reasons. Andy Carl and Sophie Haspeslagh of Conciliation Resources explain more in this article.

Viewpoint: Ending wars peacefully just got harder

Jun 2010
In this article, Andy Carl of Conciliation Resources explains how and why counter-terrorism laws around the world may be doing more harm than good.

United States Institute of Peace Special Report: Mediating peace with proscribed armed groups

May 2010
In what circumstances is it appropriate to engage with violent groups? This report by United States Institute of Peace summarises debates between experts, including Conciliation Resources, on the subject.