Congratulations to our partner, Madame Rashida Mamba who has received the medal of  "Officier dans l'Ordre du Merite Centrafricain" for her tireless work to reconcile Christians and Muslims in the country.

The members of the Platform of Women, including Mme Rashida, were recognised for their courage and work done during Central African crisis since 2013 beside the Religious Leaders of the Interfaith Peace Platform. She received the medal from the President of the Central African Republic Madame Catherine Samba Panza earlier this month.

This award is a source of great motivation and encouragement. This gives me more courage and abnegation to move forward so that our work and sacrifice can bring forgiveness, reconciliation, dialogue and tolerance.

Mme. Rashida Mamba

Madame Rashida Mamba is a member of the Interfaith Platform, which aims to reconcile Christians and Muslims in the hope of ending violence and building lasting peace in the Central African Republic.

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