Jun 2016

Strengthening women’s peace roles in East and Central Africa

© Conciliation Resources/Sarah Bradford

Work has begun on a new Conciliation Resources project, which aims to increase women’s participation in local, national and cross-border peacebuilding efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

Building on many years of experience, this work aims to further support women civil society leaders from these three countries, who are actively involved in building peace and security in the region. The women, who are drawn from partner organisations, will gain skills, advice, ideas and networks to increase their own and their organisation’s influence and voice.

This work has a specific focus on women’s participation in key peace and security initiatives in the border areas of East and Central Africa. Selected women peacebuilders will be brought together with other members of civil society as well as representatives of the international community, to share their analysis. Their knowledge and experiences will also be documented in a special women-led edition of the Voice of Peace newsletter and a radio programme.

I believe the project will go a long way in helping us to increase our effective engagement in issues of peace, security and advocacy for women’s rights in our respective areas.

Susan Thomas Perembata, Self Help Women’s Development Association, South Sudan

This capacity-building project is part of Conciliation Resources ongoing work to support women peacebuilders in East and Central Africa.  Past work includes supporting women leaders and women’s organisations, to assist the return and reintegration of returnees from the Lord’s Resistance Army in their respective communities.