Jan 2016

Our three most popular hits in 2015

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Enjoy our top three most viewed multimedia items from the past year. We were pleased to see these grabbed the attention of our peacebuilding community.

Are your favourites in there?

1. Infographic: women in peace process

The world commemorated the 15th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution for Women, Peace and Security in October 2015. Many efforts to include women in peacebuilding were recognised, but meaningful participation was one of the elements noted to still be missing.

This infographic captures women's participation in peace negotiations and gives examples of how they are building peace around the world.

2. Animation: Conflict - look closer

Last year, world leaders renewed their votes to end inequality, fight poverty and transform people’s lives with the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies became one of the pillars of this set of goals, which aim to change the world by 2030.

This animation invites people to look beyond the media headlines to understand violent conflict and explore alternatives to prevent conflict and build lasting peace.

3. Building peace together: local voices

During 2015, the world saw the rise of violent conflicts in places like Syria, Nigeria and Ukraine. However, the main response to solve these conflicts remained the same: military approaches.

Conflict situations are often poorly understood and long-term solutions are not explored. Those most affected by conflict too rarely get a say or a stake in its resolution. Their local insights and expertise are unique and invaluable in order to help build lasting peace.

This video highlights local voices and explains why all of us believe that peacebuilding is crucial.