Dec 2017

Nine things we learnt in 2017

1. 60% of the UK public think we should invest more in peacebuilding

In 2017, with Alliance for Peacebuilding, we conducted the first ever national surveys of public attitudes in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany towards peacebuilding, and dialogue with armed groups. Check out the highlights in our infographic.

2. For peace to last, you have to involve young people 

In 2017, we expanded our work with youth in Nigeria by supporting young people in the north-east of the country to take the lead in building peace in their communities. Through these Youth Peace Platforms, they are helping fellow young people turn away from violence and towards peace. Read more about this initiative
Youth from Borno and Yobe States in Nigeria during a learning exchange to Plateau State. Credit: Conciliation Resources

3. Even after decades of conflict, there is always hope for peace

Despite 70 years of conflict in Jammu and Kashmir, our partners are working hard to build confidence between those living across the Line of Control, and ultimately contribute to peace between India and Pakistan. With courage and creativity, a new vision for peace is possible. Read our article about how this could be done.

4. How to support women’s meaningful participation in peace

Using four examples from around the world, our infographic for International Women’s Day, explained why and how we can support women’s meaningful participation in peace. Explore the infographic
International Womens Day

5. Listening to armed groups can be essential to sustainable peace 

We worked with Local Peace Cells in the Central African Republic to gather the perspectives of 70 commanders and representatives of armed groups. The findings shed light on what motivates individuals to remain in armed groups, as well as the factors that might convince them to leave. These insights can help tailor initiatives for peace and reconciliation. Read the report.

6. Around the world, people are working in inspiring ways to build peace in their communities 

To celebrate the International Day of Peace, we shared the stories of people in regions of conflict who are overcoming extreme challenges to prevent violence and resolve conflict in their communities. Explore our gallery of peacebuilders
People building peace

7. The importance of sharing lessons for peace

An innovative new learning exchange which took place in September, saw a group of peacebuilders from north-east Kenya travel to Liberia to learn more about community peace platforms, cross-border peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Read about the exchange. 

8. The healing power of storytelling

In July, a group of Colombian women living in the UK shared their stories of migration and hopes for the future with hundreds of visitors to this year’s Women and War festival. Find out more.
People building peace
Members of the Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission of Colombian Women in the Diaspora. Ingrid Guyon/Conciliation Resources

9. The importance of inclusion in peace processes

How to support greater inclusion has been central to efforts to build peace in Nepal.  Our Accord publication tracked ways in which inclusion has progressed through post-war transition in the country. View our Nepal Accord.