Apr 2016

Nagorny Karabakh ceasefire announced

Conciliation Resources welcomes the ceasefire following three days of military escalation in and around Nagorny Karabakh. As a peacebuilding organisation, which supports dialogue between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, we hope that the ceasefire holds and negotiations are resumed with immediate effect. We believe that the conflict can and must be resolved peacefully.

We have been deeply worried by the extreme statements and threats to further intensify the fighting and ongoing polarisation. Many lives have been lost; numerous homes and livelihoods have also been destroyed.

Despite a lack of progress in the official peace process, there remains a clear agenda for peace. We acknowledge the societies’ potential to engage in peacebuilding and encourage all relevant authorities to find an inclusive way forward. Recalling the tragic consequences of the first armed conflict, we call for an increased international engagement at the political level. And we remain committed to supporting Armenians and Azerbaijanis to improve the prospects for lasting peace.