Jul 2016

Interview: The Inquiry - Can Colombia reintegrate FARC?

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Conciliation Resources' Colombia Programme Director, Kristian Herbolzheimer, was interviewed for The Inquiry, part of the BBC World Service, on the reintegration of FARC fighters following the end of the Colombian armed conflict.

Large portions of populations really hate them [FARC], profoundly, that's just how it is...They [FARC] will not be able to participate in politics, until they very explicitly take responsibility for what they did wrong in the past.

Justice will be served, there will be special tribunals, there will be investigation, there will be prosecution, there will be sentencing of those who are responsible for the atrocities and crimes against humanity.

This is the first peace negotiation ever where victims have been invited to attend negotiations and face some of the perpertrators. And there were victims who had been kidnapped by FARC and who had been held for many years, and the person responsible for that kidnapping was in the room. Or you would have victims of massacres commited by armed forces and you would have generals of those armed forces in the room. What victims said is 'we dont want more victims'. And the best way to prevent more victoms is to stop the war and therefore for the negotiations to be successful.

Listen to the full programme and interview: Can Colombia reintegrate FARC?  (Kristian appears from around 15:35).