Sep 2015

Dialogue event: constructing historic memory of Colombian migration and exile

Conciliation Resources / Charlotte Melly

Join us next Friday 18th September from 7pm to 9pm for a conversation on Colombian migration and exile and the construction of historic memory. 

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It is estimated that millions of Colombians have left their country in recent decades; many of them have done so as a direct consequence of the war.

At a time when Colombia is discussing the paths to peace, the Colombian diaspora should have the opportunity and the right to be part of this process.

This event will share and analyse the processes of Colombian migration and exile.  It will also look at ways that those who have lived through it can utilise their experiences to contribute to the Colombian peace process.

This is part of an initiative for a Truth and Memory Commission of Women in the diaspora.

The event will finish with some Colombian canelazo, snack and music. 


  • Gordon Hutchison, human rights activist: Gordon will provide a background to early solidarity with exiles based on knowledge gained from 40 years working with Latin American refugees.
  • Laura Villegas, Colombian activist, senior legal adviser in immigration: Laura will share her insight on the challenges and resilience of migrant women through her experience with the Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organization (IRMO)
  • Patricia Díaz, writer and documentary producer: Patricia will present the documentary Salsa Fever (1991), which she directed with Jackie Reiter. The documentary explores the significance of salsa for Latin American migrants and refugees in the UK.


Friday 18th September, 7-9PM
Podium Lecture Theatre
London College of Communications
University of the Arts
Elephant & Castle, SE1 6SB

Language of the event: Spanish

Supported by: Conciliation Resources

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