Nov 2015

Accra Declaration gives hope to conflict-affected communities

Conciliation Resources

A landmark agreement between Government officials and NGO representatives of Cote d'Ivoire and Liberia has been signed. This was created thanks to dialogue sessions held earlier this year, which were facilitated by Conciliation Resources West Africa Programme Director Janet Adama Mohammed.

The resulting Declaration aims to promote the value and importance of security and social cohesion in the border communities of Cote d'Ivoire and Liberia. It will prioritise understanding joint border peace and security issues in the Mano River Region and recognises the importance to finding a lasting solution through mutual co-operation. 

Parties from both countries have committed to working towards lasting peace and security.  As well as working to foster peace, reconciliation and social cohesion among the border populations. 
This agreement marks increased collaboration between the two countries and will lead to a number of initiatives including further training of security officers to mitigate and prevent incidences of harassment, intimidation and exploitation of those crossing the borders.

Another area of focus will be on building the capacities of young people with skills training, agriculture training and recreational activities.  This can help minimise the vulnerability of the region that can be caused by high unemployment.
Civil Society from both countries has committed to monitor and support the tracking of the implementation of the commitments made in the Declaration. Further dialogues in-country and between key people and organisations from both countries would strengthen the implementation of the commitments. Janet Adama Mohammed, West Africa Programme Director, Conciliation Resources explains: 

When we create space, and people work together to identify solutions to their conflicts. We only encourage and accompany them in the discussions, they own the processes and the results. The Accra Declaration is an achievement for the Liberian and Ivorian governments, civil society, and the border community actors. I appreciate them all!

Read agreement here