In this video, three participants from an Accord joint analysis workshop – Vesna Terselic (Croatia), Imen Ghedhioui (Tunisia) and Duncan Morrow (Northern Ireland) – reflect on the importance of reconciliation for their societies to overcome the legacies of violence, and the challenges faced in promoting it as a means to build peace.

The workshop formed part of Conciliation Resources’ third Accord Insight project . It brought together participants from a range of conflict-affected contexts to discuss how their societies understand and approach reconciliation, the successes and failures of past efforts, and how reconciliation activities might have a more transformative peacebuilding impact in the future.

Further insights from the workshop, which also included international policymakers and reconciliation practitioners, can be found in a workshop report. The report will be used to inform the final Accord Insight 3 publication, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: addressing the past to build an inclusive future, to be launched in June 2016.

Download Joint Analysis Workshop Report