Why and how to engage armed groups: challenging preconceptions and expanding options

Governments remain reluctant to engage armed groups, a complex, risky and highly political action. Yet, as Teresa Dumasy explains, constructive engagement with armed groups can create the conditions for the peaceful resolution of conflict.

10 steps for peace in Afghanistan

Jul 2018
Accord Cover Image
The Eid ceasefires in June showed that peace is possible in Afghanistan and is supported across Afghan society. This Accord Policy Brief outlines ten incremental steps that the government of Afghanistan and international partners can take to advance peace, based on findings from our new Accord publication.

Expert analysis: between fighting and talking

In the midst of violence: local engagement with armed groups
May 2015

Governments and the international community remain reluctant to allow space for dialogue with non-state armed groups and have a limited understanding of how to reach and influence them constructively. Yet whilst international policy remains ambiguous, local populations living alongside armed groups may already be in contact.

Pioneering Accord series released as ebooks

For the first time, all 25 editions of Conciliation Resources' Accord publications are now available to download as free e-books. Download your copies now!

Lebanon - Where next for Hezbollah: resistance or reform?

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014

Bassel Saloukh examines the evolution of Hezbollah in Lebanon – as a political and social actor that maintains significant independent military capability. Developments inside and outside Lebanon have influenced Hezbollah’s progression from an armed militia and revolutionary party to one of Lebanon’s principal domestic political actors.

EU decision to ban the military wing of Hezbollah risks closing avenues for dialogue and further destabilising Lebanon’s precarious peace

David Newton comments on the decision of EU Foreign Ministers to add the military wing of Hezbollah to their list of banned terrorist organisations. What effect might this have on the EU's credibility and role in Lebanon, and the country's already fragile peace prospects?

Accord incentives, sanctions and conditionality project: Concept paper

Jun 2006
This is a concept paper for the Accord project which will focus on the use of sanctions, conditionalities and incentives, exploring how these international interventions could achieve a more positive influence on conflict parties’ engagement in a peace process.

Engaging armed groups in peace processes: Lessons for effective third-party practice

Choosing to engage: Armed groups and peace processes
May 2005
Accord Armed Groups: Lessons for effective third-party practice
Fink Haysom sets out a number of considerations for mediators before and during negotiations involving armed groups. He discusses ways to generate momentum and tackle difficult issues, and considers ways to build a party’s capacity to negotiate.