Development, peace and security: the post-2015 framework

Expiry of the Millennium Development Goals is closing in but for conflict-affected or fragile states that's a technicality: they won't achieve them. As the debate gathers pace on the post-2015 framework, Teresa Dumasy highlights why a consultative process and addressing conflict drivers is vital.

Breakthrough in Mindanao: International Contact Group Welcomes Framework Agreement

Conciliation Resources, as part of the International Contact Group, has been providing first-hand advice and support to the Philippines peace process. Today, with the announcement of a Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro, we commend the perseverance shown by the Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Civilian protection is crucial in responding to LRA conflict, urge community leaders

In what ways can national and regional governments have a positive impact on the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict? At a recent two-day workshop in Bangui, the Regional Civil Society Task Force discussed what is effective, before sharing their recommendations at meetings with the Prime Minister of CAR and international diplomats.

World Development Report 2011

Apr 2011
The World Development Report 2011 summarises the key events over the preceding year and examines how the common transformation from interstate war to the pattern of repeated violence can be challenged.

Bringing peace into the post-2015 development framework: A joint statement

Sep 2012
Civil society organisations in the International Dialogue for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS), of which Conciliation Resources is part, have coordinated a statement that argues for the integration of peacebuilding and violence prevention into the post-Millennium Development Goals framework.

Diagnostic study of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)

Jun 2011

Though there has been much public discussion of ways and means of dealing with the challenge posed by the presence of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) since the failure of Juba Peace Talks and of Operation Lightning Thunder, there have been few attempts to analyse the political, historical and military dimensions of the problem in a coherent way. 

Lebanon: a fate beyond its control? (Open Security)

Sep 2012
With violence in Syria making the headlines, Zahbia Yousuf and Marie-Joelle Zahar examine to what extent Lebanon can be responsible for its own fate, plus who's working to build peace, and how.

Lebanon: a fate beyond its control?

In the face of social concerns within the country and a confessional system that favours entrenched elites, where does ownership of Lebanon's post-war situation and future lie? Capturing a snapshot of Beirut during the launch of issue 24 in our Accord series, Zahbia Yousuf asks how peacebuilders can meaningfully engage with those who have a stake in the status quo, and those who are hungry for change.

Building structures for peace

Where in the world does an armed revolutionary group and the standing government of the day join together to develop the leadership and management capacity of the armed group for its own future? In Mindanao, in the Republic of the Philippines, through the Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute.