Framework Agreement on the Formation of the International Contact Group: Philippines-MILF Peace Process

Sep 2009
The Framework Agreement signed by the International Contact Group (ICG), of which Conciliation Resources is a member, to support the peace process between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Military action against LRA rebels risks new wave of retaliations, charities warn

In this joint press release, Conciliation Resources, Oxfam, Cafod and Christian Aid, along with 10 local organisations, stress that renewed military action against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) risks triggering further devastation for local people in DR of Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan unless more is done to protect civilians and prevent retaliations by one of Africa’s most brutal rebel groups.

Central African Republic: Peace talks without talks. A new model of perpetuating violent conflicts?

In January 2013 it took just three days for the Seleka Coalition and the Government of the Central African Republic to reach a peace agreement. Kennedy Tumutegyereize and Nicolas Tillon of Conciliation Resources' East and Central Africa programme analyse what the prospects are for sustainable peace without wide public participation.

Crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo requires a comprehensive response

Over the past year the security situation in eastern DRC has deteriorated significantly as military and armed group activity and ethnic tensions have increased. Conciliation Resources, as part of a group of 19 local and international organisations, is calling for strengthened international oversight and commitment to peace.

Call for a genuine peace process in the DRC and the Great Lakes Region

Feb 2013
The recent escalation of violence in the eastern Congo has displaced over 700,000 people since April 2012 and resulted in an untold number of rapes, killings and other human rights violations. The conflict is complex but the fundamental underlying causes remain the same: poor governance, violent competition for land and natural resources, impunity for serious human rights abuses, and outside interference.

Peacebuilding and poverty reduction: two halves of the same development coin

With aid effectiveness under increased analysis in the UK and budget cuts being discussed at the EU level, Teresa Dumasy makes the case that a focus on peace, partnerships and the promotion of legitimate politics holds the key to effective and sustainable development.

Reconciliation, reform and resilience: Positive peace for Lebanon (Accord 24) - Arabic version

Jul 2012
Lebanon’s model of post-war power sharing and liberal economic growth has been widely praised. But it has failed to deliver for most Lebanese. Repeated outbreaks of political violence since the 1989 Taif Peace Agreement, and today fear of spillover from insecurity in Syria, show that a fundamentally different approach is needed to transform negative and precarious stability in Lebanon into positive and resilient peace.

East & Central Africa: Security & conflict trends in 2012

While the media spotlight occasionally shone brightly on the LRA conflict during 2012, throughout the year the four countries affected by the ongoing violence continued to feel its impact to varying degrees. Reviewing trends, we suggest that peace can be found where top-down and bottom-up approaches meet.

Philippines breaks out of the conflict trap

The Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) have reached a Framework Agreement that puts an end to one of the most protracted armed conflicts in the world. Kristian Herbolzheimer and Emma Leslie praise a peace process characterised by perseverance, innovation and creativity, but warn that implementation of the Agreement is a complex and fragile process.

Persevering for peace: Philippines leads, world watches

Oct 2012
This article first appeared on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The authors Kristian Herbolzheimer and Emma Leslie work on the Philippines programme at Conciliation Resources, one of the international non-government organisations in the International Contact Group for the Mindanao peace process.