Violence and peacemaking in the political marketplace

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014

Alex de Waal explains how peace processes work in the political “marketplace”. In complex conflicts involving multiple armed actors, diverse forms of violence and a breakdown in central political authority, much of politics functions through patronage.

What is legitimacy and why does it matter for peace?

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014

Kevin Clements opens the publication by exploring why legitimacy matters for peace, reviewing the rich and long intellectual tradition of political legitimacy.

Introduction: Legitimacy and peace processes

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014

Accord 25 co-editors Achim Wennmann and Alexander Ramsbotham provide an introduction to the publication, offering a brief elaboration on its structure and concept, and introducing the focus of the publication's subsequent articles.


Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014
Andy Carl, Executive Director and co-founder of Conciliation Resources, provides a foreword to the 25th edition of the Accord series on the 20th anniversary year of Conciliation Resources.

Recommendations: Protecting civilians from LRA abductions

Apr 2014
Joint letter to MONUSCO
The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has abducted over 3,400 Congolese civilians since 2008. In February 2014 alone the LRA abducted 35 people in Haut Uele district of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Orientale Province. In response to this enduring violence, Conciliation Resources and 58 other civil society groups have sent a joint letter to the UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC (MONUSCO). The letter provides concrete recommendations on how peacekeepers deployed in LRA-affected zones can better protect civilians.

Truthloader: Violence in CAR - The Central African Republic conflict 'is not a religious one'

ITN's Truthloader reports on the ongoing crisis in Central African Republic, including an interview with East and Central Africa Projects Manager Caesar Poblicks on the causes of the conflict.

The History Hour: The Georgian-Abkhaz War

Jonathan Cohen, Director of Programmes, talks to the BBC World Service's The History Hour on the origins and legacies of the Georgian-Abkhaz War.

Al-Jazeera English interview: Interim President Djotodia resigns in Central Africa Republic

Caesar Poblicks, East and Central Africa Programme Projects Manager, talks to Al-Jazeera English about Michel Djotodia's resignation as Interim President in Central African Republic, regional involvement in the country's politics, and what steps can be taken to bring about improved peace and security.

Joint statement on the continuing crisis in LRA-affected areas

Oct 2013
In September 2013 experts from our East and Central Africa team joined together in Brussels with peacebuilders from the region as well as counterparts from international NGOs.

Background to the Kashmir conflict: challenges and opportunities

Sep 2013
Cover for Background to the Kashmir conflict
This paper is the first in a series from the Kashmir Initiative Group (KIG), providing a background to the Kashmir context. The paper reflects on the current landscape in the region, identifies internal and external challenges and opportunities, and offers some suggested points of action in response to these.