Joint letter: Making peaceful societies a development goal

To address the underlying drivers of conflict, our definition of peace needs to more than the absence of violence. Conciliation Resources and 32 other civil society groups have sent a joint letter to the UN addressing this and identifying effective targets to promote sustainable peace in the post-2015 development framework.

Truthloader extended interview: "The press 'is confused' on the Central African Republic"

Caesar Poblicks, East and Central Africa Projects Manager, talks to ITN's Truthloader about the oversimplification of media coverage of the Central African Republic crisis.

Al-Jazeera English interview: Catherine Samba-Panza sworn in as CAR Interim President

Caesar Poblicks, East and Central Africa Programme Projects Manager, talks to Al-Jazeera English about the nature of the crisis in Central African Republic and the need to support community-based reconciliation and dialogue, as Catherine Samba-Panza is sworn in as interim president.

Pioneering Accord series released as ebooks

For the first time, all 25 editions of Conciliation Resources' Accord publications are now available to download as free e-books. Download your copies now!

New publication explores legitimacy and peace processes

Legitimacy matters for peace. It defines the social and political deals between states and citizens, and local leaders and communities. The new edition of Accord focuses on legitimacy, and the ways that it can help build more equitable and sustainable peace.

Violence and peacemaking in the political marketplace

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014

Alex de Waal explains how peace processes work in the political “marketplace”. In complex conflicts involving multiple armed actors, diverse forms of violence and a breakdown in central political authority, much of politics functions through patronage.

Truthloader: Violence in CAR - The Central African Republic conflict 'is not a religious one'

ITN's Truthloader reports on the ongoing crisis in Central African Republic, including an interview with East and Central Africa Projects Manager Caesar Poblicks on the causes of the conflict.

Al-Jazeera English interview: Interim President Djotodia resigns in Central Africa Republic

Caesar Poblicks, East and Central Africa Programme Projects Manager, talks to Al-Jazeera English about Michel Djotodia's resignation as Interim President in Central African Republic, regional involvement in the country's politics, and what steps can be taken to bring about improved peace and security.

Background to the Kashmir conflict: challenges and opportunities

Sep 2013
Cover for Background to the Kashmir conflict
This paper is the first in a series from the Kashmir Initiative Group (KIG), providing a background to the Kashmir context. The paper reflects on the current landscape in the region, identifies internal and external challenges and opportunities, and offers some suggested points of action in response to these.

Peace and progress in Central African Republic hinge on securing space for dialogue

Enhanced peacekeeping mission is a welcome development, but a lasting solution to CAR’s political problems requires coordinated national and cross-border cooperation on governance and security issues, as well as support for local civil society peace efforts.