Theses on peacemaking in Afghanistan

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan
Jun 2018
This contribution draws on a commentary by Professor Rubin published by War on the Rocks in spring 2018:
What are the possibilities for negotiating a mutually acceptable end-state in Afghanistan among the multiplicity of domestic and foreign interests involved?
Challenges to stability in Afghanistan start

Integrating a military and peace strategy for Afghanistan: Making ends, ways and means meet

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan
Jun 2018
How can political and military strategies be integrated to support a peaceful political settlement in Afghanistan?
This article considers the challenges of managing the contribution of the United States military to an integrated strategy.

Lessons from Bonn: Victors’ peace?

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan
Jun 2018
What do experiences from the 2001 Bonn process reveal about priorities for peace talks today – for example relating to ownership, participation, power- sharing and the sequencing of inclusion?
The Bonn Agreement has set the tone and trajectory for much of Afghanistan’s political transition since 2001.



After 40 years of civil war, Incremental Peace in Afghanistan highlights a need for a radical new approach to peace in the country - one that builds progressive steps towards peace and includes Afghan society as a whole. It argues that the process must begin with measures to reduce violence as a basis to build confidence in a more fundamental change over time.

Roundtable: Is Colombia’s new found peace under threat?

After more than 50 years of war, Colombia is now 16 months in to the implementation of an historic peace agreement.

Nowhere to turn for the ELN in Colombia?

Last week the Colombian government announced it is suspending peace talks with the country’s second largest rebel group, the National Liberation Army (ELN). Our Colombia Programme Director, Kristian Herbolzheimer shares his thoughts on the current situation for ELN and the government:

Reconciliation, reform and resilience: Positive peace for Lebanon (Accord 24) - Arabic version

Jul 2012

Lebanon’s model of post-war power sharing and liberal economic growth has been widely praised. But it has failed to deliver for most Lebanese. Repeated outbreaks of political violence since the 1989 Taif Peace Agreement, and today fear of spillover from insecurity in Syria, show that a fundamentally different approach is needed to transform negative and precarious stability in Lebanon into positive and resilient peace.

One year on: Celebrating women’s achievements in the Colombian peace deal

A year after the signing of the Colombian peace agreement, women from diverse sectors of Colombian society met last week at a conference in London to celebrate their achievements so far and look at the challenges ahead.

Colombian women’s peace conference in London

ABColombia, a coalition of organisations supporting human rights in Colombia, will host a public conference in London next month in association with Conciliation Resources.