Accord - Navigating inclusion in peace processes

Mar 2019
Cover shot of Accord 28 navigating inclusion in peace processes
There is a broad global consensus that inclusion matters in peace processes. The 2018 UN and World Bank report, Pathways for Peace, asserts that ‘addressing inequalities and exclusion’ and ‘making institutions more inclusive’ are key to preventing violent conflict. The challenges now are to strengthen that consensus and to better understand what inclusion in peace processes means in practice. Effective peace processes do not mean including all of the people all of the time but making informed decisions about who should be included in what and how.

Urgent call for peace in South Sudan

To mark International Day of Peace 2018, Conciliation Resources joins with other international NGOs to urgently call for peace in South Sudan.

10 steps for peace in Afghanistan

Jul 2018
Accord Cover Image
The Eid ceasefires in June showed that peace is possible in Afghanistan and is supported across Afghan society. This Accord Policy Brief outlines ten incremental steps that the government of Afghanistan and international partners can take to advance peace, based on findings from our new Accord publication.

Conclusion: Incremental peace in practice

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan
Jun 2018

Anna Larson and Alexander Ramsbotham concludes key lessons from Accord 27 Incremental peace in Afghanistan - with thanks for substantive input and ideas from Professor Michael Semple.