Tackling the changing face of conflict in northern Kenya

Conciliation Resources is expanding its programme in the Horn of Africa with the launch of new work in northern Kenya.

Cross-LoC film bridges Kashmir’s divide

For the first time, film makers from both sides of the Line of Control have collaboratively made a film on life in Jammu and Kashmir. Faith Divided looks at the impact of conflict on the lives of communities on either side of the divide.

Event: Fiji’s constitutional stand-off – consequences for inter-ethnic relations

Apr 2013
This seminar in London on Wednesday 24 April 2013 will bring together policymakers, academics and representatives of non-governmental organisations with a special interest in Fiji.

Ceasefire: Confidence-building in Colombia

Failed negotiations still weigh heavily on the Colombian government’s mind, and it would be difficult to justify a truce in a moment of relative strength in military arenas. Conciliation Resources' Colombia Programme Director, Kristian Herbolzheimer, looks at the impact a ceasefire could have on the peace talks in Colombia.

Colombia peace talks 2012

In advance of a news conference about the Colombian peace talks this Wednesday 17 October 2012, peacebuilding NGO Conciliation Resources is releasing some analysis and expert interview opportunities to members of the press.

Event - The Colombian Peace Talks: Lessons from other negotiation processes

Feb 2013
On 13 March 2013, Director of Conciliation Resources’ Colombia programme Kristian Herbolzheimer will be speaking at a public event in London about the Colombian peace talks. Other speakers include Enrique Santos Calderon – member of the Colombian Government Exploratory Negotiation Delegation, Colombian journalist and President Juan Manuel Santos’ brother - and Colombian political analyst and journalist, Claudia López.

Colombian peace talks must involve societies

Inclusive public participation led by Colombian society is vital in the implementation of any peace deals resulting from the current Colombian peace talks, peacebuilding NGO Conciliation Resources says. Social, political and economic actors must seize this window of opportunity and empower themselves to lead on a National Dialogue to assess the multiple challenges in moving from confrontation to collaboration, and draft a road map to stronger democratic institutions.

Persevering for peace: Philippines leads, world watches

Oct 2012
This article first appeared on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The authors Kristian Herbolzheimer and Emma Leslie work on the Philippines programme at Conciliation Resources, one of the international non-government organisations in the International Contact Group for the Mindanao peace process.

Colombia Peace Talks: Initial reflections

What is the forecast for the Colombian peace talks following the second phase of negotiations in Oslo? Kristian Herbolzheimer, Director of the Colombia Programme for Conciliation Resources, analyses the public announcement and press conferences made by the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Norway, October 2012.