Gender, sexual violence and peacebuilding – women’s participation in peace processes

From 10-13 June 2014, the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict will take place at the ExCel Centre in London. As part of the summit, Conciliation Resources is organising two free, open events.

Keynote Address - Rosa Emilia Salamanca

Jun 2014
Ensuring Stable and Peaceful Societies
On 24 April 2014, Conciliation Resources' partner, Rosa Emilia Salamanca, spoke at an event organised by the President of the UN’s General Assembly. She addressed the need to include gender, violence and peace in the UN’s post-2015 development framework. This is a transcript of her address.

UNSCR 1325 IN EUROPE: 20 case studies of implementation

Jun 2014
UNSCR 1325 IN EUROPE 20 case studies of implementation
This collection of case studies, produced by the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), explores the national implementation of UNSCR 1325 in twenty European states.

Truthloader extended interview: "The press 'is confused' on the Central African Republic"

Caesar Poblicks, East and Central Africa Projects Manager, talks to ITN's Truthloader about the oversimplification of media coverage of the Central African Republic crisis.

UN-led mediation in Syria and civil society

Navigating inclusion in peace processes
Feb 2019
Marie-Joëlle Zahar and Sara Helmüller explore challenges of civil society inclusion in peace efforts in Syria. Armed conflict in Syria is multi-layered, involving a multiplicity of national actors and of regional and geopolitical interests. International narratives have exaggerated external actors’ influence, underplaying local agency and diversity.

Conflict prevention and the World Humanitarian Summit

On 23-24 May the first World Humanitarian Summit will take place in Istanbul. Convened by the United Nations Secretary-General, it is a response to levels of human suffering and displacement not seen since the Second World War. In its Agenda for Humanity, the UN has identified five core responsibilities for those engaged in responses to this crises.

The Peace Promise

May 2016
The Peace Promise cover
This document is a joint commitment signed by Conciliation Resources and 24 other leading humanitarian and peacebuilding organisations ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit 23-24 May. The Peace Promise aims to create greater coordination and synergy between peacebuilding, humanitarian and development efforts.

Protecting civilians in LRA-affected areas: Regional Civil Society Task Force

Jul 2014
RCSTF resolution in May 2014
People in East and Central Africa still live in fear of attack by the Lord's Resistance Army. There is an urgent need to tackle this. Religious, traditional leaders and civil society organisations from LRA affected areas have put together a series of recommendations for international actors, local governments and community groups on protecting civilians.

Challenging the common discourse: Top Ten Peacebuilders on Twitter

There is a growing community of people on Twitter interested in conflict, presenting us with the unique opportunity to shift public discourse around peacebuilding. For #FF we are celebrating people who are already challenging the status quo with a list of our favourite Tweeters!