Journalists’ forum bridges Kashmir communications gap

Since July 2016 there has been an intense crisis in the Kashmir Valley in India-administered Kashmir, following the killing of militant Burhan Wani, Hizbul Mujahideen commander. A forum involving journalists from both sides of Kashmir is working to ensure that reporting from either side is not exacerbating the situation.

Trading Confidence

Nov 2016
Trading Confidence
Cross-LoC trade has played a key role in maintaining space for collaboration and positive transformation between the two conflict-ridden parts of Jammu and Kashmir and between India and Pakistan. However, due to the numerous challenges it faces today, the initial euphoria associated with the trade has declined to some extent and its economic viability - and subsequently its sustenance - has been called into question.

Film: Breaking the silence

Conciliation Resources works to support women of the Colombian diaspora to share their stories, memories and hopes and to claim a place and a voice in the county's peace process.

Colombian women share message of peace with President Santos on state visit

Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, finished his historic state visit to the UK by meeting Colombian women from across London who are working for peace, and renewing his commitment to find a peaceful solution to end over 50 years of war in Colombia.

The art of the possible: dealing with past violence in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict

Making peace with the past: transforming broken relationships
Sep 2016

Rachel Clogg, Marina Elbakidze and Arda Inal-Ipa discuss efforts to build new relationships across the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict divide.

Kashmir journalists meet in first ever cross-LoC forum

The first ever cross Line of Control (LoC) forum for journalists analysed the role of media on both sides of Kashmir in the context of peacebuilding in the region.

Negotiating access and security

Jan 2015
Geography, and questions of access to territory, are key concerns driving conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis who for many years have had no access to each other’s societies or territories controlled by the other side. This discussion paper incorporates a number of perspectives through which the issue of access is understood today. While identifying areas of clear disagreement, 
it also explores points of convergence, asking whether this issue can be reframed as a solution to a common problem.

Northern Ireland - From punishment to restorative justice in Northern Ireland

In the midst of violence: local engagement with armed groups
May 2015

Brian Gormally reflects on efforts of civil society activists in Northern Ireland to promote alternative approaches to punishment violence within the IRA.