Jammu and Kashmir Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (J&K JCCI)

The Jammu and Kashmir Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (J&K JCCI) is the first ever cross Line of Control institution that brings together the main business chambers and traders’ associations from across the divide. J&KJCCI and Conciliation Resources work together on the confidence building measure of cross Line of Control trade between the two sides of divided Kashmir, strengthening trade related policies and breaking down regional divisions. 

Gender and peacebuilding

Jun 2014
Gender and peacebuilding
In recent years the role of gender in armed conflict and peacebuilding has increasingly caught international attention. This position paper explores gender in relation to peacebuilding and conflict prevention, and the work that we do to make peace processes more inclusive.

Faith Divided: Spirituality Caught in Conflict

This film, directed by two filmmakers from either side of the Line of Control in Kashmir, provides an emotive illustration of how conflict has prevented Kashmiris across different faiths from visiting their places of worship.

Shujaat Bukhari, editor-in-chief of Rising Kashmir

We are deeply saddened to hear about the sudden passing of long-term partner and friend Shujaat Bukhari. Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Securing the property rights of Kashmir's 'half-widows'

Over the past three decades, an estimated 8,000 men have disappeared but are not yet declared deceased in the Jammu and Kashmir region as a result of the conflict.

Cross-LoC meeting of businesspersons from Jammu and Kashmir

A three-day meeting of representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Jammu, Kashmir and Azad Jammu & Kashmir; and prominent business leaders, Line of Control (LoC) traders and women entrepreneurs from the regions was convened by Conciliation Resources in Bangkok from 25 - 27 January. This meeting built on previous meetings that have been convened in the past.

Youth aspirations for peace and security

Jan 2018
Youth aspirations for peace and security
In December 2015, the United Nations Security Council adopted UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. The resolution was the first to recognise the important role young people can play in preventing conflicts, and sustaining peace. Conciliation Resources was invited by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to contribute to the Progress Report on UNSCR 2250. Between July and September 2017, we conducted participatory research with 494 young people living in Afghanistan, Jammu and Kashmir, South Sudan, the Georgian-Abkhaz context, and among youth of the Ogaden diaspora living in the United Kingdom.

Five ways to support youth inclusion in peacebuilding

Young people who have experienced conflict firsthand have a vital role to play in peacebuilding. They have a clear vision of what peace could look like in their countries and communities, and have the drive to work towards the realisation of these goals. 
However, in many cases they are seen not as positive forces for peace, but rather as threats to it.

Cecile Pentori

Cecile joined Conciliation Resources as South Asia Programme Coordinator in October 2017. Prior to this Cecile worked for five years with UNDP Zimbabwe on projects related to peacebuilding, dialogue and governance. Throughout her work, she developed a strong interest in finding innovative and collaborative ways to consolidate peace efforts both at local and national levels in complex environments.

Previously to working with UNDP, she gained experience in Thailand with a grassroots organization (Foundation for Education and Development) and in China with UNIFEM.