Breaking stereotypes: Georgia’s internally displaced

Marina Elbakidze, a coordinator of Synergy, discusses the current situation for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Georgia and the way IDP issues have been presented in the Georgian media over the past four years.

Sochi Winter Olympics: A Neighbouring Conflict

The Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi have received much attention and scrutiny. Yet less is known about Sochi's neighbours in the fragile South Caucasus.

Marina Elbakidze: partnering for peace in the Georgian-Abkhaz context

Marina Elbakidze is Project Coordinator at the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD). She talks about the importance of peacebuilding partnerships in the Georgian-Abkhaz context.

Asida Shakryl: partnering for peace in the Georgian-Abkhaz context

Asida Shakryl was the co-director of The Center for Humanitarian Programmes, one of Conciliation Resources’ longest standing partners in the Caucasus. She shares her positive experience of peacebuilding through partnership.

Youth perspectives on peace and security: the Georgian-Abkhaz context

Apr 2018
In June and July 2017 Conciliation Resources’ local partners carried out two sets of surveys to capture the voices of youth in the context of unresolved conflict in the Georgian-Abkhaz context. Young people, reflecting some of the diversity of Georgian and Abkhaz societies, took part in focus group discussions (FGDs) and in-depth interviews. Participants discussed challenges to their peace and security, including but far from limited to the enduring impact of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict on their lives. They also discussed the barriers to engagement in peacebuilding and dialogue that they face and their ideas for overcoming these barriers.

Youth aspirations for peace and security

Jan 2018
Youth aspirations for peace and security
In December 2015, the United Nations Security Council adopted UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. The resolution was the first to recognise the important role young people can play in preventing conflicts, and sustaining peace. Conciliation Resources was invited by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to contribute to the Progress Report on UNSCR 2250. Between July and September 2017, we conducted participatory research with 494 young people living in Afghanistan, Jammu and Kashmir, South Sudan, the Georgian-Abkhaz context, and among youth of the Ogaden diaspora living in the United Kingdom.

Five ways to support youth inclusion in peacebuilding

Young people who have experienced conflict firsthand have a vital role to play in peacebuilding. They have a clear vision of what peace could look like in their countries and communities, and have the drive to work towards the realisation of these goals. 
However, in many cases they are seen not as positive forces for peace, but rather as threats to it.

Dialogue improves prospects for peace in the South Caucasus

Conciliation Resources has been facilitating dialogue among Georgians and Abkhaz for almost twenty years – bringing together officials, experts and civil society from either side of the conflict divide. Recently, discussions as part of the Limehouse Discussion Platform, as the informal dialogue is known, have achieved concrete results on the topic of education – helping to improve the lives of those living with the conflict.

New Accord publication on reconciliation and peace processes

"Transforming relationships is not simply a post-conflict endeavour but a continuous process that can start at an earlier stage, before a formal settlement."