Accord - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent (policy brief)

Apr 2014
This 6-page policy brief summarises the findings of Accord 25 - Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent. It argues that a legitimacy lens should be applied to peace processes by paying attention to priorities of context, consent and change.

ETA announces its dissolution

On May 2 the Basque organisation ETA publicly announced its dissolution, 50 years after claiming its first victim. During its lifespan the organisation has left a bloody trail of more than 800 killings.

'Civilian disarmament' in the Basque Country: an unprecedented approach

Anaiz Funosas is the founder and president of the civil movement for peace, Bake Bidea – Le Chemin de la Paix (French Basque Country). Since the Aiete Declaration in 2011, she has initiated the main meetings on the peace process in the Basque Country. She is also a member of the Basque Country delegation leading discussions with the French Ministry of Justice on Basque political prisoners.

Inside Story: Has ETA given up on independence?

After nearly 60 years of conflict, the Basque separatist group ETA has announced its decision to lay down its weapons by April 8. Our Colombia Programme Director Kristian Herbolzheimer has been discussing the role of civil society in disarmament in the Basque Country with Al Jazeera English

Peace processes

Jan 2015
This position paper explores current approaches to peace processes and how they should be strengthened in order to promote the conditions for durable peace, and the work we do to support peace processes that go beyond official talks and represent diverse constituencies.

New publication explores legitimacy and peace processes

Legitimacy matters for peace. It defines the social and political deals between states and citizens, and local leaders and communities. The new edition of Accord focuses on legitimacy, and the ways that it can help build more equitable and sustainable peace.

Basque Country: experiences of the Social Forum to invigorate peace

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014

Paul Rios describes civil society efforts to initiate an “informal” national dialogue process for the Basque Country, specifically a Social Forum organised in March 2013 and a citizen’s network.

National dialogue and legitimate change

Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent
Apr 2014

Hannes Siebert explains how national dialogue processes seek to address entrenched and protracted conflict through constructing forums for political reform and constitutional change. National dialogues prioritise domestic ownership as the stakeholders determine the process, decision-making and implementation mechanisms.

Paul Rios

Paul Rios is the founder of Lokarri, a citizen network for peace in the Basque Country. Lokarri has played a significant role in mobilising citizen support for the resolution of the Basque conflict, organising key conferences that influenced ETA to announce a definitive end to violence in 2011. Paul holds a law degree from the University of Deusto, Bilbao.

Legitimacy and peace processes

Legitimacy matters for peace. Accord focuses on legitimacy and the practical ways that it can contribute to building more sustainable peace. It looks at 15 country case studies at various stages of conflict, including the Philippines, Syria, Afghanistan, the Basque Country, Somaliland, Yemen and Burma.