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Annual Report 2016

Jun 2017
Annual Report 2016 cover
Read this annual review of our work in 2016. Highlights include: reconciling community tensions in Ebola-affected areas of West Africa, working with youth to build peace in Kashmir and the release of our Accord publication on 'transforming broken relationships'.

A letter to the new UN Secretary-General

Last week the United Nations Security Council announced a new Secretary-General (UNSG). António Guterres, former head of the UN refugee agency and Portuguese prime minister, will take up the position at the start of 2017, succeeding Ban Ki-moon.

Audited accounts and report 2015

May 2016
Audited accounts 2015
The directors and trustees of Conciliation Resources present their report and audited accounts for the year ending 31 December 2015.

Annual Report 2015

May 2016
Annual Report 2015
Read this annual review of our work in 2015. Highlights include: signing of the 'Accra Declaration' in West Africa, celebration of the seventh anniversary of trade across the Line of Control in Kashmir and the empowerment of women in the Bangsamoro, the Philippines.

The Peace Promise

May 2016
The Peace Promise cover
This document is a joint commitment signed by Conciliation Resources and 24 other leading humanitarian and peacebuilding organisations ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit 23-24 May. The Peace Promise aims to create greater coordination and synergy between peacebuilding, humanitarian and development efforts.

2020 Strategic Plan: Partnering for Peace

May 2016
The Plan sets out our direction and ambitions for the period 2016-2020 allowing us to pursue and measure changes through our work over a medium term period. It frames our programmatic and policy work and provides the framework for our organisational results.

Why is reconciliation important to build peace?

In this video, three participants from an Accord joint analysis workshop reflect on the importance of reconciliation for their societies to overcome the legacies of violence, and the challenges faced in promoting it to build peace.

Joint Analysis Workshop: Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Mar 2016
Thumbnail_Joint Analysis Workshop - Accord Insight 3 - Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Reconciliation is increasingly acknowledged as an important component in responding to legacies of violence in order to build sustainable peace. Yet reconciliation initiatives have struggled to achieve the transformative impact needed to create the space for inclusive peacebuilding to take place.

Video: The essentials of gender-sensitive conflict analysis

This short video is based on Conciliation Resources' experience in conflict-affected contexts and draws on our participatory approach to conflict analysis.

The gender and conflict analysis toolkit can be used in a variety of ways: to conduct peace and conflict analysis in a given context; to deepen understanding of the concept of gender; or as conflict analysis training materials.

Proscribing peace

Jan 2016

For international NGOs and local civil society actors and communities, engaging with armed groups for peaceful ends carries immediate risks to physical security and to reputation, given the political sensitivities of the task. Likewise running peacebuilding programmes in conflict contexts where armed groups operate is complex and high-risk. If the group is on a terrorist list then these risks only multiply.

Why peace is more important than ever

Peace, security, a future: basic needs that people in the midst of violent conflict desperately want and seek. However, building back trust, livelihoods, institutions and relationships is a complex and long-term endeavours, full of steps forward and back. This is the task of peacebuilding. And we can’t afford not to do it. Here are just three reasons why peacebuilding matters today.

Submission to the UK Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015

Oct 2015

Conciliation Resources' submission to the UK government to influence its Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), which identifies the threats facing UK national security and the means by which the government will respond to these.

Gender and conflict analysis toolkit for peacebuilders

Dec 2015

This Toolkit provides practical guidance to peacebuilding practitioners on gender and conflict analysis. It is based on Conciliation Resources' experience in conflict-affected contexts and draws on our participatory approach to conflict analysis. The Toolkit was developed over a two-year time frame and involved various members of staff, partners, and numerous external experts.

Inclusive peacebuilding is crucial

Liana Kvarchelia from our partner The Center for Humanitarian Programmes (CHP) highlights how significant is to include all the sectors of the society in building sustainable peace.

It's about time: increasing women's participation in peacebuilding

Last week the UN reviews its commitments on women, peace and security in the historic UNSCR1325. How far have women frontline peacebuilders come in terms of leading on global security?