The Jammu & Kashmir Joint Chamber of Commerce

The Jammu & Kashmir Joint Chamber of Commerce was formed in 2008 and reconstituted in 2011. It includes ten major business and traders associations and seven Chambers and Federations of Industries from both sides of the LoC. The strengthening of trade between the two sides of the Line of Control is an important means of contributing to the unofficial peacebuilding process and to breaking down divisions between the two sides

Gender and peacebuilding

Jun 2014
Gender and peacebuilding
In recent years the role of gender in armed conflict and peacebuilding has increasingly caught international attention. This position paper explores gender in relation to peacebuilding and conflict prevention, and the work that we do to make peace processes more inclusive.

Faith Divided: Spirituality Caught in Conflict

This film, directed by two filmmakers from either side of the Line of Control in Kashmir, provides an emotive illustration of how conflict has prevented Kashmiris across different faiths from visiting their places of worship.

Emma Sawatzky

Emma joined Conciliation Resources in October 2016 as the South Asia Programme Volunteer. Emma has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from Queen's University, Canada. She completed her Master's in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of St Andrews in 2016, and focused her research on reconciliation and transitional justice in divided societies. 

Commonwealth fellowships support peacebuilding in Kashmir

In 2017, the theme of The Commonwealth is 'a peacebuilding Commonwealth'. Conciliation Resources supports peacebuilding across the Commonwealth by hosting Commonwealth Fellows - mid-career professionals from other Commonwealth countries.

Empowering women across divided Kashmir

Conciliation Resources’ partners, Atia Anwar and Ezabir Ali are working independently on either side of the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir with women affected by the on-going conflict.

Journalists’ forum bridges Kashmir communications gap

Since July 2016 there has been an intense crisis in the Kashmir Valley in India-administered Kashmir, following the killing of militant Burhan Wani, Hizbul Mujahideen commander. A forum involving journalists from both sides of Kashmir is working to ensure that reporting from either side is not exacerbating the situation.

Working with youth to build a better future for Kashmir

Conciliation Resources’ partners Waqas Ali and Fayaz Ahmad Dar have been working on either side of the Line of Control (LoC) with young people in Kashmir.

Vision 2020

Dec 2016
Vision 2020 seeks to reflect the socio-economic, educational and political vision of young people in Jammu and Kashmir across both sides of the Line of Control. It suggest ways in which young people can seek to address some of the problems of the region and engage in building and reshaping their communities.

Trading Confidence

Nov 2016
Trading Confidence
Cross-LoC trade has played a key role in maintaining space for collaboration and positive transformation between the two conflict-ridden parts of Jammu and Kashmir and between India and Pakistan. However, due to the numerous challenges it faces today, the initial euphoria associated with the trade has declined to some extent and its economic viability - and subsequently its sustenance - has been called into question.